30 December 2006

Signing Off

When, nearly thirty years ago, Ted Turner started the Cable News Network, critics scoffed. How committed are you to this crazy idea? they asked. What will you do when the novelty wears off?

When he grew weary of answering such questions, Turner came up with an all-purpose retort: “We will stay on the air till the end of the world and then we will cover the story and sign off playing ‘Nearer My God to Thee.’”

I think I can declare this blog a success, albeit a modest one, unlike Turner’s. I know that I have learned much from those who have shared their ideas publicly or by way of private emails. At times, I have been sorely challenged—and at other times, immensely entertained—by readers’ comments.

I left the land of glorious birch trees (see photo above) on December 20 and have been home--and reunited with my luggage on Christmas day--ever since. Meanwhile, fulbrighterinfinland has been running on fumes. I will be calling it quits after this post, but the site will remain open for awhile so that readers might conduct any residual business they might have.

I have begun to edit my previous posts and to compose a few more on subjects not covered heretofore to see if there is a book in here somewhere. I would welcome your suggestions about topics that should be explored further, or about blog-to-book conversions. (I’ve been told that they’re called “blooks.”)

Naivete is a wondrous thing. When I began this venture last August, I had no idea it would prove to be so demanding a master, so addictive, or so intensely gratifying. I am sorry to see it end, but life goes on. I sincerely thank you for your company and your support.

Hei hei!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the blog. You write with skill and your observations were almost every time very well thought out. Keep it real, yo :D

11:31 PM  

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